How does Jaguar XE offer such strong performance with emissions as low as 99g/km?

XE has the style and dynamism of a true Jaguar, with emissions as low as 99g/km thanks to the latest engineering and technology.

Business drivers are increasingly sharing the industry’s desire for more efficient vehicles. Jaguar XE combines style and superior dynamics with impressive efficiency for a car of its class, with CO2 emissions of just 99g/km and fuel economy from 3.8l/100km (combined) in the 163PS 2.0l Diesel with manual transmission. The secret is advanced engineering.

Every surface has been refined to create a more aerodynamic profile, which allows the XE to have a drag coefficient as low as Cd. 0.26. Aerodynamic improvements reduce fuel consumption and CO2, creating a more efficient and performance-oriented vehicle.

Beneath the bodywork, XE’s Lightweight Aluminium Architecture saves weight without compromising strength and rigidity. Combined with a near perfect 50:50 weight distribution, this structure gives class-leading handling and dynamics, whilst improving fuel economy.

XE is now available with All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) which offer a more effective way to gain better grip and driveability. XE can transfer the precise level of torque to the front wheels to optimise traction in all conditions. Additionally, Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) recognises the driving surface, adjusting engine and brake settings for optimum performance.

The diesel Ingenium engines are the lightest and most efficient that we produce, meeting the world’s most stringent emission standards. The 180PS/430Nm variant has one of the highest torque outputs in the class, demonstrating efficient performance at lower revs, while precise chassis and suspension tuning offer a smooth, quiet ride that gives business drivers a more relaxing journey, synonymous with a Jaguar. Lower emissions and higher efficiency result in savings on fuel, while the longer service intervals of the XE and strong Residual Values add an additional TCO benefit.

The XE range features advanced technology and design, with a focus on delivering enhanced economy. From structure, to styling, to the state-of-the-art InControl infotainment systems that carefully manage the vehicle on the road, XE is a distinctive Jaguar that’s engineered for efficiency.