Building a Responsible Future

At Jaguar Land Rover, environmental innovation is part of our vision for a better future. To do this, we’re constantly looking to work in harmony with our natural and social environments and reducing the impact on the world around us.


Sustainable manufacturing

Sustainability is one of the core principles driving our business.

We have already met our 2020 targets, reducing CO2 emissions and water use by 30% per vehicle. In manufacturing, we have cut waste landfilled per vehicle by 79% since 2007, and have reduced operational CO2 emissions by 30.5% per vehicle.

We are committed to sourcing more recycled aluminium in our manufacturing, and we regularly meet with our top 200 suppliers to ensure that they too follow our high standards for sustainability.


Sustainable performance

We are constantly striving to improve fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions across our entire ranges of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. In doing this we have developed new state-of-the-art Ingenium engines, which offer remarkable fuel efficiency, alongside our new plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) and zero-tailpipe emission all-electric powertrains.  

Ingenium engines are found in:

PHEV powertrains are found in:

All-electric powertrains are found in:

Our Jaguar E-Performance models carry a discreet blue E badge on the rear of the vehicle, and to identify Land Rover E-Capability models, just look for blue Discovery Sport and Evoque name badges, also on the rear of the vehicle.

Take a closer look at our 85* Jaguar and Land Rover models with CO2 emissions below 130g/km.


* Listing based on EU offer, all models and specifications are market dependent, please check with your local retailer (updated April 2016). 


Reinvesting in the community

Our 'Inspiring Tomorrow's Engineers' initiative offers work experience, training and qualifications to help the young and out-of-work unlock their potential.


Charitable Projects

Jaguar Land Rover supports many charities that do vital work addressing issues of health, human rights, conservation and sustainability.

In backing ClimateCare’s ‘LifeStraw® Carbon for Water’ project, in the Busia region of Kenya, we have helped to reduce CO2 and provide safe drinking water for 1.9 million people. We have also donated Land Rover vehicles to both the International Red Cross and the conservation charity, Born Free, to assist them in their vital work.