InControl Connect give you unrivalled connectivity within your vehicle, ensuring you, and your passengers, enjoy the journey and stay connected to your world. It connects your smartphone with the Touch-screen so you can control compatible apps safely within your car.

Our Remote Premium app allows you to remotely view information on, and about, your XE. Working from your smartphone it furnishes you with stats and reports to keep track of all your car usage data such as fuel and other fluid levels, your last parked location and your business miles. It also enables you to communicate with your XE to lock or unlock it, cool or heat it to the desired temperature prior to your journey, and even set a ‘beep and flash’ in order to help you locate your car in a crowded car park.

Wi-Fi Hotspot is another feature of InControl Connect. It provides XE with a powerful external aerial for reception of the strongest possible mobile and data signal. Ideal for conducting business on the go, it allows passengers to wirelessly connect a range of devices with XE’s Infotainment system and the Internet. You can connect up to 8 devices to 3G cellular networks, meaning you and your passengers need never be out of touch.