InControl Touch is our all new multimedia system. It features a contemporary and fresh graphical design with an 8-inch Touch-screen controlled by intuitive touch and swipe controls. The system is the command centre for a wealth of features, allowing you to easily find your next meeting, keep an eye on the weather, control the cabin climate or the ambient lighting, quickly call up contacts and seamlessly keep in touch with the office on the road; not forgetting managing the entertainment along the way.

The navigation system within InControl Touch provides all of the capabilities that you need to navigate to your meetings. You can enter your chosen destination using a specific address, a recent or previous destination, a point of interest or a specific intersection or co-ordinate. You can also store your favourite locations as a short-cut within the system. The maps can be displayed in either 2D or 3D and can be zoomed in and out accordingly. Guidance can be supported through voice prompts, lane recommendations and a junction view, the system will also take into account any traffic issues on your designated route and offer you an alternative route ensuring you get to your destination without delay.

InControl Eco data display provides information on the use of fuel and energy within XE. It allows you to monitor the impact of using the air conditioning, heated seats, headlights and other functions on fuel consumption. You are also able to monitor how efficient your driving style is, by viewing your efficiency rating for accelerator, speed & engine and braking.

The more efficient you are the higher the score out of 5. You even receive a summary score for each journey you take. Your best trip, current trip and your last 3 trips are all stored and are easy to view on the InControl Touch-screen. There is even a series of handy tips that you can view to help you to improve the economy of your driving style.

As an option Dynamic-i allows you to personalise the setup of your vehicle dynamics through the InControl Touch-screen. You are able to adjust the engine, steering, gear shift and suspension settings. Furthermore, the function contains a stopwatch with the ability to record lap and split times, as well as recording previous and best lap times. In conjunction with this feature you are able to view your acceleration and braking action via the pedal graph. For the ultimate driving statistic you can also view the ‘G-Force’ you are experiencing on your journey.