Jaguar Land Rover
Approach to Design and Engineering

The story of Jaguar Land Rover is one of two iconic British marques with an illustrious history of pushing the boundaries of vehicle capability.


Jaguar Design

Since the first Jaguar car was produced in 1935, Jaguar has pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Agile and powerful; sleek and seductive; confident and instinctive – choose a Jaguar, and every journey becomes a pleasure, and an opportunity for your company to demonstrate that it’s no ordinary business.

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Land Rover - Designed to go Above and Beyond

Back in 1947, Land Rover’s first innovator, Maurice Wilks, sketched the silhouette of the original Land Rover in the sand on a beach in Wales. His forward-thinking design went on to change history, mastering all manner of terrain and capturing hearts around the world.

From touring holidays along rocky mountain trails to business trips through smart city streets, each one of our award-winning vehicles is ready for anything.

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